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    November 13, 2018 1 min read

    That "time of year" is approaching...the HOLIDAYS!!! And sometimes that means getting the house ready for guests, making a shopping list, running errands, cleaning the house....the list just goes on. 

    We want to help shift that for you a bit so that YOU can take a moment to SLOW DOWN, spend some time with your little one and BE PRESENT! Orrrrrr... option 2: Give your little one something to do so that you can get done with some of those TO-DO's :)

    So here's the first of our monthly FREE coloring sheets!

    Get to coloring and be sure to post and tag #OfOneSeaColoring to showcase your coloring sheet... and maybe we'll share yours too!

    So much love + Aloha from all of us here at
    OF ONE SEA :)

    CLICK HERE to download and print the PDF


    Maryam Fortuna
    Maryam Fortuna