Old School Striped Socks

Green Palms
Other colors

Nostalgia is a feeling and we’re rolling in it. In collaboration with kid’s brand, @summerinmay, we bring you some sweet socks for the whole family. 

Size Chart:

Size S (17 x 14 cm) Approximately 1 to 3 years
Size M (19 x 16 cm) Approximately 4 to 5 years
Size L (21 x 18 cm) Approximately 6 to 7 years

Size L (21 x 18 cm) Women’s size 6 to 8 (US)
Size XL (24 x 24 cm) Women’s size 8 to 10 or Men’s 6 to 8 (US)
Size XXL (26 x 26 cm) Women’s size 10 to 12 or Men’s 8 to 10 (US)


75% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 2% Spandex 

*Please be advised that we do not accept refunds or exchanges once socks packaging has been opened.*

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