Bamboo Turkish Towel / Blanket Multi Stripe

This Turkish towel is going to be your favorite new possession. It is the perfect blanket and/or towel for your on-the-go lifestyle. Its lightweight, easy-dry fabric will now be your everyday essential for the beach, pool, park, stroller, couch throw, you name it. These towels are deceiving for most traditional western terry cloth users, in that the fabric is thin and light, but still very absorbent.

This particular bamboo piece has thick stripes as two lines on both sides of the self patterned woven bamboo towel in a creme or ecru color. It is extremely soft, highly water absorbent, soft even after repeated washes.

Handcrafted on hand looms in Turkey.
Made of 100% bamboo.
Made with vegetable dyes.
Soft enough for a throw.
Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Just a bit more about this fabulousness
Throughout history Turkish towels were produced by weaving on hand looms by women in Turkey's eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions. These products are not factory-made. All our towels are produced by traditional methods in a respectful manner to its origin, woven on hand looms and with the use of vegetable dye.

Measurements: Length: 66.93" Width: 39.37"


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