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    Applications are now CLOSED for vendors.  

    Vendor Information

    OF ONE SEA is a women and family owned unity-inspired swimwear and clothing brand that creates quality swim and clothes for the whole family and works to empower other women, moms, and small shop owners to live their passion. 

    Virtual Maker Market in the Bay Area May 2020

    Application Selection

    Our goal at OF ONE SEA Maker Market is to have a curated selection of quality goods that people are excited to buy for themselves, but also stoked to buy for others.  We are looking for a variety of summer/ seasonal items.  

    Our goal in our Virtual Maker Market is to support small business owners that would normally be selling at local markets or local shops and create a space for them to sell their goods online to a larger audience.

    On the customer end of the Virtual Maker Market we want to create a space where you can easily shop from multiple local makers with only one simple transaction.  No more hassle of multiple online checkouts and waiting for weeks for your packages to arrive.  

    The 411 for Vendors

    -Carefully pick your top 2-4 items that you think would sell.

    -Complete the form and give us all the information on your item that would help us sell it. 

    Some things to think about? 

    • Price of your item.  Is it cheaper if you buy multiple items?
    • A detailed description of the item (this will be posted on our instagram), 
    • Maximum quantity that you want to sell of each item

    -The sale will go live on May 29th and 30th.  Check back on our instagram page to see if you can help answer any specific questions for customers as well as promote in your own social media that the sale is happening. 

    -At the end of the sale OOS Maker Market will email you with the specific quantity of each item that was sold by 10 PM on Sunday, May 31st.  You will need to deliver the sold items to the location in East Palo Alto no later than Tuesday, June 2nd. 

    -OOS Maker Market will be in charge of all of the billing of the customers, packaging and organizing of the sold products, and deliveries in exchange for 20% of all items sold. We will venmo or paypal you 80% of what is sold when you drop off the products. 

    Other things to think about: This is your chance to get some local publicity and local followers.  

    • Have your Instagram updated and showing your style and product in an appealing way.  
    • When you drop off your sold items include business cards that we can hand out to the customers so that they will easily remember you and return as a customer.  
    • During the sale connect with the customers on Instagram by answering questions, commenting, and engaging.

    Marketing Details:The market is free to all customers/ buyers.  

    To ensure a successful and busy market we will need all of our vendors’ help, spreading the word to family and friends, posting on all their social media outlets, emailing local customers, promoting in any way that they can.  

    OF ONE SEA Maker Market will work to market this, but we count on each vendor to do their part in sharing to locals about the event.  A media package will be sent to each applicant upon acceptance.  

    Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out and email Amy at